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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Use Google to get almost any software's serial no [Mr.MindfReak]

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Use Google to get Serial No of any Software
Most of the people downloading trial and using it, only after the expiration of trial they try for crack, Serial No, Keygen, Patch....

But many don't known where to get Serial No, Some websites may be infect your system with Trojan horse, Viruses, Ad ware, Spy ware....

So for beginners this is a simply way to find hack with less effort and it saves time to, But make sure you have anti virus activated before trying to get some Serials, Patches to avoid data loss

Just follow the steps as instructed below

1) Go to Google
2) type this syntax in search bar " 94FBR"
3) Replace Product name with desired software and leave a space then type 94FBR
4) Press enter, thats it

Now you receive Many pages which contains Serial no, Crack, Patches....

Just make a try, this simple trick works for many peopl.

Demo: 94fbr office 2007
(Its will list the pages contains the keys for Office 2007)
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Google trick to find private pictures!

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Maybe you are a "voyeur".

Maybe you need some pictures for your school work.

Of course you can go to a dedicated website where you can find lot of free pictures.

But you can also dig some private pictures directories.

Try this little code in Google, you may find lot of Non public pictures
intitle:index.of +"Indexed by Apache::Gallery"
search by adding a word at the end, for example:
intitle:index.of +"Indexed by Apache::Gallery" +paris
I just realise that maybe some of you guys use Apache Gallery for your own private pictures.

If you want to verify if your own private pictures ares indexed, just paste this code in Google.

site:www.YourSite intitle:index.of +"Indexed by Apache::Gallery"
(Replace YourSite by the server hosting your pictures (your URL.)
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Google trick to avoid redirection according to your country

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Did you ever noticed that, when you enter the address www.google.com in your address bar and hit enter it will redirect it into your country domain. For example if you are an Indian and you are browsing from India,when you enter the addresshttp://google.com/ in address bar and hit enter it will redirect intohttp://www.google.co.in/.
This facility in google provide you to more specific search results regarding your country.

Now here is the question, If you won't want to redirect into your country,

What you do now?

I am here with the answer for the above question. You can simply avoid the redirection of google.com into targeted countries by a simple trick.
You can add three more letters after the tailing slash. You can add ncr after the tailing slash.
That is you can enter the domain as www.google.com/ncr. This will lead you to the original google home page,that is http://www.google.com/.
In the above url ncr stands for no country redirection.
Now visit google.com page and enjoy extended search...
Enjoy this great Trick.
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This tutorial will teach you important and useful google tricks which is so easy but hiden to normal users.
*Know your IP address: 

Code to Google:
what is my ip

It will give you this result, Your public IP address is 123.456.789.000, [123.456.789.000 will get changed to your IP address]. Now, you know your IP.

*Using google as unit converter: 

Code to Google:
Any unit you want.

It depends on you, enter your desired number, for example 1GB=?MB or 15421GB=?MB, etc.
Please remember MB and Mb are both different things, Mb is a smaller unit than MB. 1MB is equal to 8 Mb. So, be careful while looking up.

*Advanced site search: 

Code to Google:

This will show you all links containing sitename.com in the url. This is most powerful search method to find something, just replace sitename.com with your desired site, for example hackalone.com or facebook.com

*Google as proxy: 

You may use google as free proxy, just open http://www.google.com/translate, and enter a site url that is blocked, and change the site language, for example, if you want to surf a site which is in english language, then select another language that you know, for example change it to hindi, and surf it freely. Well, its a trick but its too complicated, simply you can use http://www.proxy.hackalone.com

*Using google as currency converter:

Simply replace the currecy code(INR) and number(1) as desired, it will give you 100% correct and latest info.

*Know time of a country: 
country time

Replace country from the code to your desired country, for example, change it to india, then the code is india time or change it to new york, then the code is new york time, it will show the current time of that country.

*Flight status: 
Delta fligh 007

Simply enter the flight name, and it will return you arrival and departure times.

*Rotate google at 360*:
do a barrel roll

Your screen will rotate completely once. Its a great trick.

*Know license of a software(Is it freeware or shareware): 
winrar license?

Simply change winrar to your desired product and it will give you a message like this, Best guess for WinRAR License is Shareware, this result will change according to your software. Please note this may not give all product info.https://hackersunrise.blogsopt.in
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