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Monday, October 22, 2012

How to create a torrent & seed it correctly

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In this tutorial I will be showing you how to create & seed a torrent correctly for your ke****/R**T/Movies whatever it may be.
First of all you need to download a torrent client.
I would suggest using uTorrent because it's easy to use.
You can download uTorrent from here: http://utorrent.com
After you install uTorrent open it up go up to the left hand corner of uTorrent and click file > create new torrent

[Image: ngubo6.jpg]

Once you click create new torrent click Add File

[Image: 2r782fl.jpg]

After clicking Add File search your file you want to make a torrent for example I'll use ThreatExpert Application (make sure you check the box next to start seeding before you click Create and Save as

[Image: 2ur2zw5.jpg]

Once you've selected your file and checked the box next to start seeding click the button Create and Save as... a box like this

[Image: bf1a52.jpg]
will appear just click yes, you will get trackers off the site your uploading your torrent to.

Once you've click yes it will then make your file you selected a .torrent file you then save it somewhere as shown in the picture below.

[Image: 28vd3ps.jpg]

Here is what the .torrent file will look like after you create it.

[Image: 21e2g7p.jpg]

Congratulations you've now created your .torrent file to upload to torrent sites.

Now for the seeding part to seed your torrent file.

Upload your .torrent file to a site likehttp://torrents.sumotorrent.com/upload.php

Click browse find the .torrent file that you just made select the category's, choose a name for your torrent, write in a description something persuading, then click upload.

After doing that then the torrent site will automatically redirect you to your torrent you just uploaded, download it. (open with uTorrent by default)

Right click on the torrent file in uTorrent and click properties in properties near the bottom select initial seeding.

[Image: f351dz.jpg]

After doing that... right click on your torrent file in uTorrent again and select the option Force Start

It will then Force Start and Initially Seed your file...

[Image: 2h3dcmw.jpg]

Once you've uploaded your file to one torrent site... upload it to different torrent sites to get better results of spreading your file. Do Not Forget To Bookmark This Page , Press CTRL + D http://hackersunrise.blogsopt.in
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

How to Download Torrent file from IDM

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After long time i am writing a new post.This post is very very useful for downloaders who's work is to download movies softwares and games from internet.When you search on google or any other search engine you might got torrent file of any contents.so do not worry about to download just use this trick and enjoy your download.
Instructions :
Step 1: Copy the url of your torrent.

Step 2 : go to http://torrific.com/  or  http://www.bitlet.org   and singup, its simple. register one time so you can download more files when needed.

Step 3 :Then paste the url and click get.

Step 4 : And u are directed to the web page of the torrent and click download torrent

Step 5 : Your download is ready . now copy the link and paste in IDM

For Download IDM full version with crack click here
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Trick To Boost Torrent Speeds Using UTorrent Turbo Booster Plugin

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u Torrent Turbo Booster is a recent plug-in designed to improve the functionality of probably the most popular P2P file sharing application around – u Torrent.

This tool comes equipped with modern technology that aims at getting your download speed way up so you can grab the files you want so badly much quicker than you've been used to. Movies, music, games, applications, you name it - u Torrent Turbo Booster will deliver at a fast pace. It will be there doing its job in the background without upsetting any other activity you might perform on your computer.

So Now Click On Given below Link For Download  UTorrent Turbo Booster Plugin

Click Here For Download
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How To Download Torrents Files Using IDM By Dailyhackingtips | Trick To Download Any Torrents File In High Speed

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Hello to all guys . i hope you all are fine. today i found a way to downloand any torrent files using internet download manager .yes guys it's true that now you can download torrents using idm if you are not using IDM then download here.

Now guys follow the given below steps for do this.

1. Firstly Grab your torrent from www.torrentz.eu . download the torrent file. (.torrent) extension file of your desire.

2. Now You after downlonad the (.torrent) file, go to this website www.torcache.net now upload the torrent file that you had just download and click on cache button

3. it will show you a new generated link of your torrent file .

4 Now copy that new link.

5 . Now go to www.torrific.com and create a new account here. after complete your singing up login into your account.

6. In the text field, paste the link of the new torrent file that you had copied in Step 4 and Click on GET.

7. You will see all the torrent files that are present in that torrent. Now click on Initiate Bittorrent Transmission.

8. Now all the files have been ready to be downloaded. Click on any file that you want to download.

9. A new pop-up window of IDM will open.

10. Click on Start Downloading.

So guys . i think this trick helps to download torrents with high speed. wll if you are having a  slow torrent download speed. i strongly recommend you to use this software.

So guys enjoy downloading torrents at high speed using IDM.

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Trick To download torrent files faster using IDM | Downloading torrent files through IDM | Fast Way

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It's my another trick about download  torrent file on this website . Recently i had posted trick to download any torrents file using idm . and again today i am sharing a latest hacking trick which help you download any torrent files Through or using IDM Software in Fast way  .1. In First step you need to download idm software and then install it in your pc .

2 Now You go to www.zbigz.com website .

3. and now copy any torrent file link address .

4. Now paste link address in Upload box .


5. now click on go free button .

That's It guys now you are done .
I hope you enjoyed this trickshttps://hackersunrise.blogsopt.in
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